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MVA Authorized Vision Provider

We are a Vision Provider licensed in Maryland and authorized to conduct vision tests and report vision screening results to the Maryland MVA.

The MVA created a web based Online Vision Certification Service that allows Authorized Online Vision Certification Providers to submit an individual’s vision results electronically to the MVA. The electronic submission of a customer’s vision information allows eligible customers to renew their non-commercial driver’s license through MVA’s website or self service kiosk. For walk-in customers requiring vision as part of their transaction it can eliminate the vision screening step in the renewal process. Click for more information on Renewing Your Maryland Driver’s License.


At this time we are now resuming routine eye care at our normal operating hours. All Patients need to present with a mask, and we will be reducing patient volume in order to observe social distancing. Please do not come to an appt if you have been sick in the past week, or feel that you may be getting sick. We will be forced to turn away anyone with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19.